Cat fishing 

Last night after work I drove to Santa Monica. I took freeways and streets and got there in less than an hour. I had a beef tamale for dinner because I was in need of a masa comfort food session. It was cold and windy.

I talked to a few anglers and watched them catch a few mackerel. One man caught a bass by the eye. I didn’t see the seal I always look for at the end of the pier.

My cat fishing suspicions were confirmed yesterday.

I’m not heart broken. It’s frustrating that I’m perceived as so naive. Or maybe I’m too caring. Part of the fun of online dating is meeting so many people. I don’t keep all of my eggs in one basket and I prefer to meet right away. My gut instinct is strongest in person.

There’s a pattern. They meet but are always busy being hugely successful. I have a weakness for foreigners appearantly. They say sweet things and hope they’re the only one. You exchange pictures and boring details about day to day life.  Everything is right now with meeting one day and no real future plans or dreams. After a while they feel you are comfortable and they will start professing life altering love and a desire to take care of you. Then they ask for financial favors. I had a feeling about this man for a while.


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