In the blowing winds

You’d be my anchor

Together we are the storm

The pressure drops

A hostage to your gaze

The calm you hold

Keeps me grounded

While I hold you high

Fallen leaves circle our feet

Crisp air metering breath

I hiccough in cold

Paroxysms of pain

vying with relief

Found in your arms I brace for it

Clouds shift slowly

burdened by crystalline weight

The pressure falls and I’m lifted

and beaten

collective drops sting

cold and constant

Your touch a searing moment

of indelible memories

Steam rising from heated flesh

met with the pain of the storm


I step back and am removed

I don’t live in the raging storm

you need to be rescued of

I don’t dance in the laser flash of lightning

Because I was made for the sun




One thought on “Infatuation

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