Anatomy of a Catfish, Day 3

Day 3 is when my latest catfish and I were going to try to meet up.  Sort of. They never will actually meet you, but they want you to feel like that meeting is right around the corner. I had other plans and had no intention of waiting around for him to show up for me. The conversation kept going into the slight but maybe likely possibility that I would get to meet him after work.  It was Wednesday and I wouldn’t have my kids, so I could meet for coffee or dinner before he flies out for Brazil.  In theory.  I actually ended up keeping Kid3 and took him to a holiday party with friends instead.

I’m still amused that he’s trying to pretend to be from New York/California with his word choice.  

Notice the timestamps? I reached out on my way to pick my son up, and he waited a few hours to respond.  

It was after 10 and he was trying to suggest we might still meetup.  Honestly, if you’re going to blow me off, at least be considerate that I might have other ways to spend my night.  But I knew I’d never meet him.  It’s not how a catfish operates.

The difference with a catfish from most online perverts is he wants to prolong the game.  He won’t bring up sex unless you do.  He’ll keep it respectful to stay in your good graces.  He will make sure you understand he’s hard working and he needs you to be patient for him because your payout is a good man that knows how to take care of himself and is willing to extend that to you.

I spared you all of the ways he can’t do without me.  He feels special because of my attention and expects that if he mirrors what he wants me to feel, I’ll feel it.  He really is sorry that we couldn’t meet because of circumstances outside of his control.


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