FB Live – Self Care Means Stop Hitting Yourself

I had a in person conversation where a co-worker kept telling me how stuck she was in life.  She was a victim to the needs of her life.  She felt confined. I kept thinking, “stop hitting yourself.”

Do what feels right, but don’t do what others are forcing you to do.

Be more human and if in doubt, be more dog.

Dogs don’t hurt themselves.  They do what feels good but if they get cornered, they fight or back down.  They don’t try to harm themselves.

Choose the life you want to live.  I am my own motivation and my only roadblock.  I can choose to go big or go small.  I can set my goals and raise those to bigger goals.  No one can force you unless you choose that.

It’s the same with bad habits. I used to be a 3 pack a day smoker.  It was a habit I had to quit on my own.  No one could force that unless I chose to do it.  It’s the same with nail biting.  I’m bigger than a habit. I get to break that.  The same goes for you.  You get to break a habit because you are bigger than the repeated habit of what you do.

You get two lives.  The second comes the moment you realize the one life is the only one you get.  You’re the Captain of your life.  Stop hitting yourself. Be more dog.



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