FB Live – Why You Should Dream Big

A dream is the idea that what you want isn’t in your hand.  Dream big and plan with it.

I was at my desk and hungry.  The idea of eating sounded good.  So I got up to get my lunch.  There are steps involved.  You dream, then make it happen.

My dreaming big is a trip to Canada.  My Kid1 wants to go to Canada.  For Christmas he wasn’t dreaming big.  He was stuck in the frame of scarcity I have raised him in.  He was afraid to ask for something I couldn’t afford.

When you think you can’t have something because it’s too big, you limit yourself.  Dream bigger than the limits you are placing on yourself. When you dream big and think of it as a possibility, it is given the opportunity to happen.

Make your dreams bigger than what is easily attained and you’ll see the efforts you make become strong enough to meet your goals. You will create your own miracles when you don’t limit your belief in yourself.  Be optimistic.

Look at the opportunities in front of you and know they are a great step toward the future.  Know what you’ve been given in the past and acknowledge that as well.  It’ll help you spot the moments and gifts you are offered.

You don’t need the help of others. You accept it, but know that the source of your vision is within you, and not at the complete mercy of someone else.


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