In Search of Kissable Lips?

The title of this post goes against my feminist grain.  I admit it.  But the truth is I am in search of my lips being kissable and plump.  After whitening my teeth, I was sold on the product I’m selling that will plump up your pucker. I mean kissable lips and a gleaming smile go together, right?

Old has happened.  When I was a kid, my lips were soft and plump. Actually, they were when I remembered my lip balm.  I usually didn’t and I would lick my lips, leaving a really large lower lip apron of dry and cracked skin because saliva dries in a painful way.  (Who would I be without my itty bitty writing rabbit trails?)

With age and hormones from motherhood and all of the blathering I do all of the time, my lips have lost that plump kissable pop when I pucker.  It’s now a little odd the way I pucker and make that sound and my lips kinda get sucked into my mouth.  They aren’t what they used to be.

I’m a little excited about trying a couple of products that I’m selling.


It’s a product that makes your lips look fuller, while also helping them to feel moisturized and soft. 💕

👄 Non invasive technique
💋 Stimulates collagen production within the lip tissue
💋 Makes your lips fuller with no irritation or damage
👄 Helps moisturize and soften lips
💋 Much cheaper then botox or injections

The other product is a bit shiny and a bit cheaper too.

Nu Colour Contouring Lip Gloss Shades: Crystal Clear, Tender Beige & Sweet Pink!!!!


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